Biggest Closing Down Sale New supplies, Products & Furniture Auction in Markham


Starts Date & Time

December 10, 2023 - 11:00 am


4:00 pm

Method Of Payment
CASH, DEBIT & CREDIT CARD 15% Buyer Premium Applies to all purchases)
  • ($200 refundable CASH Deposit to bid)
  • Lots of parking available
Pre Registration

    Biggest Closing Down Sale  New supplies, Products & Furniture Auction in Markham

    All items must go; if you open a new Spa/ Hair Salon / Beauty supplies  store OR working from home, 
    don’t miss this opportunity all items must go we have to empty the place. All furniture & equipment 
    sell as individual & in sequence “As is, Where is”. 

    For the convenience of our loyal customers, we will be offering for our upcoming auctions, an option to pay and pick up the items anytime during the auction rather than waiting to pay at the end, if PICKUP is scheduled on the same day OR please refer to the pickup Instructions above. The items, at the discretion of the auctioneer, will be auctioned in sequence of large items first, along with some assorted products baskets. This will allow all customers a fair opportunity to bid for their desired items. We value our customers and strive to make bidding a more comfortable experience for you. Some items available at this sale include , (but are not limited to): & some items may also have reserve price.
    Please note: It’s also not necessary that everything is available shown on images.

    Two Full Containers of Brand New Supplies and Products start from $1.00

    Brand New Assorted Flat Iron (All Branded) $ 20.00
    5000 Assorted Branded Hair Brushes $ 1.00
    Assorted Makeup Bags & Trollies  $15
    25 Salon Chairs $49
    2 Barber Chairs Almost New $195

    Brand New Hair and Spa Products
    Aluminum Foil for Hair $25

     Hair Colors Brand New (Branded) $2.00
    Divider $75
    Spa Trolleys $10

    Hydraulic Stools $10
    Shampoo Sinks $10
    Wall Mounted Hood Dryer $50

    Brand New Aprons $5
    High End Display Units $ Offer
    and  Lot Lot more